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PortX-IV / PortView



Portable Dental X-ray System

  • Excellent Image Quality

  • Camera Type (Wireless)

  • Easy Operation

  • High-quality Grip

Image viewer

(Setting brightness/expansion/ reduction/movement)

Easy Image Transmission to all network by Wi-Fi

Remote updates


with Sensor

User Interface by using Track ball

Through the LCD of equipment, you can check and save images directly after shooting images.

Patient Management

Rechargeable Battery

Alarm sound

Compact Outside, Smart Inside

  • Light and small body with rechargeable which enables you to shoot easily and to keep everywhere.

  • Small does of radiation keeps patients and dentists away from radiation.

  • High performance tube and HFG makes sharp and clear images.

  • Use with digital sensor as well as chemical film.


Digital Dental Inraoral X-ray Sensor

The PortView are CMOS area image sensors developed for X-ray imaging.

  • CMOS area image sensors

  • USB interface type

  • Monitoring photodiode

  • Waterproof


The PortView are CMOS are image sensors developed for X-ray imaging.

CMOS area image sensors for X-ray Imaging (USB interface type)

The PortView are CMOS area image sensors developed for X-ray imaging. These image sensors 1.5 mega pixels (1,000 x 1,500) with a pixel size of 20x20 um and a monitoring photodiode for monitoring and detecting X-ray irradiation. FOP (fiber optic plate) used as input window ensures high image quality and long sensor life even under exposure to X-rays. The portView supports USE 2.0. Two types are available with different scintllators used. The PortView is designed to be dust and water proof, equivalent of IP67.


- Pixel Size: 20X20 um

- High resolution: 20Lp/mm typ

- Dynamic range: 57 dB (size1) / 75 dB (size2)

- USB 2.0 interface

- Waterproof: equivalent of IP67

Dedicated Panoramic Sensor

The dedicated panoramic sensor using frequent than CT produces high quality images while reducing exposure levlels. There is no phenomenon which images & definition become smaller by using dedicated sensor (Jaw, TMG covered) It avoids shortening of life-time, deterioration of image.

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