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Instagram can’t be beat when it comes to market your dental practice. It’s the perfect outlet to showcase your photos, videos and REELS!

Reels are short 15-sec entertaining and informative videos on instagram created by you!

How To Create Reels

Select Reels, located on the bottom of your instagram.

Creative tools to help you create your perfect reel is to the left side of your screen

Audio: Search for a song from the music library

Speed: Speed up or slow down the video or audio

Effects: There are many effects to choose from

Timer: Set your timer and get ready to record

Align: Smooth transitions from one clip to another

Instagram Reel Ideas

Routines: Show your daily routines.

ex: changing into your PPE, daily routines post Covid-19, lifestyle hacks and etc.

Transitions: Create fun before and after with a unique transition between the clips.

ex: A messy vanity with dental products all over the place to a clean and organized vanity.

Educational: Create fun and educational how to videos.

ex: How to properly brush and floss your teeth when you have braces.

ex: Fun “dental” science projects.

The sky’s the limit! Be creative and most importantly, have fun!

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